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Here is some of the feedback I have received about the work I have provided...

We don't have to anti-bac the couch after you've left!

This is one of my all time favourite feedbacks - I was working with a young man (13) with OCD and autism, who also had a phobia of germs. 

Flash technique: Vanessa put me at ease and explained what we had to do. It's an unusual technique, but worked for me
(M, 36, trauma memories)

Thank you for listening to me and trying to understand (F, 15, emotion regulation difficulties)

What did you learn in our sessions? 

I learned how to use more coping strategies (F, 16, social anxiety)

Vanessa spoke to me as a person, she didn't tell me what to do like most other professionals have in the past 

(F, 18, ASC and anxiety)

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