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What you need to know
Terms and conditions

How do I refer myself? 

Adults wanting to access therapy can self-refer. Please get in touch via the contact section.

Parents and carers wanting support for children can refer directly to me, and I will also receive requests for psychology provision from GPs, school doctors/nurses, senior school staff, or social workers. Consent is often requested from parents before any referral is made. Any plan for further appointments beyond those initially agreed will be discussed with parents and/or the referrer.


For any parent or carer that would like to seek psychology input for their child, please complete the short referral form in as much detail as possible. 

All new clients will need to complete and return the short referral form below prior to their first appointment. 


Face to face sessions will take place in York, at the Regus building, Tower Court, Clifton Moor. There is free onsite parking, however if you are parking for longer than 2 hours, please enter your registration number at reception (Let's Talk York cannot be held liable for any fines you may receive). Please note pets are unfortunately not allowed in session without prior discussion. 

Appointments are also available by telephone and video conferencing (Zoom).


Once an appointment is offered, this is available for 48 hours, therefore confirmation of acceptance is required within this time frame. Self-funded clients are welcome to access sessions, however payment is due at the time of booking the appointment. If a payment has not been received prior to the confirmed appointment the session will not go ahead.


Cancellations/Non attendance

If you need to cancel an appointment, please email me directly on at the earliest convenience. Cancellation less than 24 hours before a scheduled appointment time will incur a fee of £75.


Non-attendance of appointments without cancellation will incur the full session fee (£110). These fees are not usually covered by insurance policies and therefore the policy holder will be liable for any cancellation or non-attendance charges and will be invoiced for these directly. If your insurance company does not pay your fees, you will also be billed directly. If you have an excess on your insurance policy this is normally paid to myself, before your insurance will fund the remaining agreed sessions, if you have any questions about this please ask. 


Please inform Vanesa of any limitations to your insurance policy, such as number of sessions, and any timeframe for the sessions to be completed in. If your insurance company does not pay the fees, you will be billed directly.   

No refund will be given for non-attended appointments as the slot will not be able to be filled at such short notice. Any non-payment will be recovered.

If your session has to be cancelled by Vanessa, she will give you as much advance notice as possible and offer to reschedule for a future appointment (or refund for self-funded clients), for instance due to school closure or illness. 

Additional admin

If any clinical letters are required, this will be agreed with the client and may incur an additional fee. 

Crisis services

Due to other commitments, I am not able to provide crisis support. Please contact your local crisis team if you are experiencing a mental health crisis, local numbers can be found on the NHS website, you can also ring a free listening service such as The Samaritans on 116 123 or attend your local A&E for additional support. 


When working with all clients, I observe the statutory and legal frameworks around maintaining confidentiality including GDPR and I am ICO registered. If you are accessing online or telephone calls please ensure you have a quiet and distraction free confidential space to use. Sessions are not recorded, and it is not permitted to record any sessions without written consent from the therapist. 


I have a duty of care to hold GP contact information and an emergency contact, in case of a safety issue arising. If information is shared in sessions that makes me feel concerned about the safety of a client or another person I have a professional duty to act accordingly to ensure the safety of yourself and others, any concerns would be discussed with you directly at the time and we would make a plan together. All other information shared in sessions will remain confidential unless discussed with yourself in advance, I will keep brief session notes stored electronically using password protected software.


As I am registered Psychologist I am required to access regular clinical supervision, therefore at times I may share anonymised clinical information in order to seek advice from a peer or more senior supervisor to ensure that I am working and following my clients best interests.

                                                                              Click here for the referral form:

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